Just recently released this month is Sybase::Metadata now searchable in CPAN. Its main features are below –

  • Retrieve objects definitions including existence checks
  • Retrieve table definitions into well defined records for easy manipulation
  • Search through Sybase metadata by object or overall by:
    • Object Type
    • Overall – through all metadata

    Note that this search includes object/column names AND procedure, view and trigger text. So effectively one can supply a pattern to simply ‘search through all metadata’. But the search does NOT reach into any data itself at all.

  • Other functions TBA when the package is finalized/released.

    The main point of this package is to allow programmers to perform the same functions as are typically available in commercial DB browser tools such as DB Artisan, rapid SQL, etc. But it extends their functionality with a powerful search feature. One can use this module in a normal perl program or use it as a means to construct a CGI GUI offering DB metadata browsing and searching features.