Mike’s Running

On this page I’ll post results and upcoming races I plan to take part in. Below are links to a few of the events I joined last year. Some I run for fun and some I pick up the pace. Until next winter I am taking a break from races until December’s Kawaguchi Marathon. The big goal is to complete my first marathon Feb/March 2011, hopefully Tokyo Marathon.

My favorite places to run near where I live are:

  • Arakawa: Seemingly unlimited of grass/paved running near a river – they do a full marathon there in fact …
  • Aoki Park: Has a 1km track made of some soft turf which is nice to the legs. These days I do almost all of my 6km runs there but it is a 12-15 minute bike ride from home which is good and bad

Next race planned are as follows:

  • Kawaguchi Marathon 10km – December 2010. Plan to run with my brother in law to help him achieve his first road race.
  • Tokyo Marathon 2011 – Feb or March 2011. My first whole marathon if I feel up to it!

Personal Records

Here are some random personal bests:

  • Unofficial 10km: 39:30 (MAW Japan at Kokkyo) April 2008
  • Official 10km: 42:15 (Tokyo Marathon 10km) February 2008
  • Official 5km: 19:25 (Kawaguchi Marathon) December 2007
  • Unofficial Half Marathon: 1:39:00 (At Arakawa) January 2008
  • Official Half Marathon: 2:07:?? (Kawaguchi Marathon) December 2008 (bad calf)